Frequently Asked Questions

Questions We Get Asked About Tiny Trump Gloves

The Penthouse of Trump Tower, New York City

725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA

Oh, and by the way, US tax-payers are paying to keep the orange man and his wife in the $100-million dollar Penthouse (but it would be way cheaper just to live in the White House).

Because his hands are tiny as shit and he probably struggles to find gloves that fit in normal adult men stores.

Refugees from the 7 countries that were included on Trump’s ban list will receive a portion of the proceeds in order to help them immigrate to the country of their choice faster.

Also you benefit because you can laugh at Trump’s tiny-ass hands and troll him to shit.

No. They’re tiny as hell. He photoshops his hands bigger in every photo the media publishes.

Because it’s the color of democracy.

Trump is already insecure about his weird hands, so why not stomp on his ego even more?

All gloves are sent to Donald anonymously. So you won’t get an angry tweet from @POTUS this time around.

We use PayPal to process all payments, so you can count on 100% safety!

Well you could…but will you? We’re just trying to make your life easier, to be honest.